The Three Tenets of Profitable Slots Play

So, you've created an account with Unibet (, downloaded its mobile app and completed your first transaction, but what now? Online and mobile gaming can be a tough way to make a living, but if you're able to understand a few key concepts then it can be a lot easier to turn a profit.

Although there are, of course, no guaranteed routes to slots success, you can certainly improve your EV if you pay attention to the following strategy tenets of virtual gaming:

Balance Your Bankroll: A gambling bankroll should only consist of surplus cash that you can afford to lose. If you can't honestly say that you're happy to lose every penny of your bankroll then the amount you've set is too high. Although this may sound strict it's absolutely necessary if you want to become a successful gambler. Once you've defined your bankroll, you should only risk between 3% and 5% per session. Thus, if your bankroll was $1,000, then you should only risk between $30 and $50 during a single slots session.

Understand Variance: Variance is essentially the swings of luck that occur whenever you gamble. At any time you could be experiencing a run of positive or negative variance, but it’s important to remember that over time this will even out. Slots are notoriously vicious when it comes to swings of variance, but as long as you make the most profitable moves possible each time you make a spin, then variance shouldn't matter. Indeed, the nature of variance is something you must get to grips with if you want to become a profitable gambler.

Enjoy Yourself: Any form of gambling you take part in should be fun. Despite a positive experience not always translating into positive results, the key thing to bear in mind is that slots are a form of entertainment. Because you can now play from the comfort of your mobile device you should always try to do it in the most relaxed and comfortable environment possible. If you're able to play with a smile on your face, you should find that it's easier to make better decisions and more money from the mobile slots world.


What slot strategy seems to be the most effective one?