3 Coin Slots Strategies Review


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Although slot machines are considered as a game of chance where everything in based on pure accident and the work of the smartest computer microprocessor named random number generator, players still tend to believe that there are some strategies that may assist in their interaction with slots in land-based and Coral Casino.

When it comes to 3 coin slot machines, they may offer a bonus payback in case you will bet the maximum amount of credits. And, of course, if you won't do that but will hit the jackpot it will be very disappointing as you will certainly blame yourself for not betting the maximum amount.

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On the other side, some of the slot games do not offer any additional bonuses or extra value for maximum 3-coins wagering. The next para - graph of our article will lead you to the list of slot machine strategies available at 3 coin slot machines. You can try them not taking any risks as far as they are quite safe and have no threat of losing any possible value

Strategies Available with 3 Coin Slot Machines

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Now the time has come to examine top slot machines wagering strategies that can be applied to the 3-reel 3-coin slots in land and virtual gambling houses:

  • ladder

    Up the steps strategy is probably the most successful tactic that may be used when playing slots. You can bet maximum credits in the hottest times and minimum when the Lady Luck is not on your side. This strategy will be the best in case you operate with a small bankroll and desire to stretch the playing time. This tactic will be also suitable for skeptic players who do not want to always wager maximum credits for the sake of the "magic" jackpot added value. This strategy is quite different with 5-reel slot machines.

  • 2 arrows

    The more aggressive variant is a hi/low up the steps strategy. In this case a gambler switches like a flash from maximum to the minimum bets.

  • spades

    Patterns strategy is a disciplined wagering tactic that is planned before the game. This tactic is good in controlling expenses but its drawback is an instant low betting pattern levels even in the hottest times.

  • 4 suits

    A controlled pattern is an alternative strategy with some kind of controlled wagering pattern.

  • spider

    Aggressive patterns are characterized with larger bets.

  • chicken

    Chickens slot strategy will be the best one for those players who often vary the slot machines they play at. The bankroll is divided into few parts and every gaming session is played on different slot machine.

  • squirrel

    Squirrels slot strategy is very similar with the previous one but if the gambler had a lucky winning session s/he stays playing at the hot slot.

  • 3 star strategy

    3 star strategy intends playing at one particular machine but apply the low betting pattern.

  • ABC

    The simple strategy is when a gambler begins with a 2 coins bet. In case the session was a winning one s/he jumps to maximum credits and stays there until a loss will take place and then drop one wagering level. Thus if the session was successful you jump to maximum bets and vice versa.


Take your time to learn all the possible strategies with 3-coin machines and pick up the most suitable one to protect your play.