Slots Strategies Available at 5 Coin Machines

The Range of Betting Options

A lot of different tactics were evaluated by those who are fond of playing at slot machines. And though a slot is a game of pure luck, many gamblers believe that the strategies do work and influence somehow the entire gaming process.

Enjoy the Oasis of Betting Methods!

Strategies that may be applied to 5 coin slot machines are similar with those for the 3 coin slots. Below you will come across the most common tactics that are popular among players with a different level of experience.

5 coin machines
  • Up the steps strategy is the same as with 3 coin machines (starting with minimum, stick to max bets if the slots round is successful and vice versa bet low if the fortune has left you) but 5 coin slots have more betting options such as:
  • Smaller steps tactic suggests starting with 2 coins for three plays and afterwards switching to high and low betting in accordance with outcomes of the gaming sessions.
  • Low/high strategy is a more aggressive alternative to up the steps strategy.
  • Baby steps concept is a combination of 2 tactics: up the steps and patterns. Some gamblers have no patience to wait for the winning round in order to increase their bets. Others do not mind using preconceived wagering series which allow slow bets increasing.
  • Umbrella strategy is broadly used by players who tend to start with minimal bets and work up to maximal credits in the long run and then again goes back to smaller ones. This is one of the slot machine strategies suitable for bettors with small bankroll and for aggressive gamers.
  • Play and run method is intended for the players with a small bankroll and a desire to try as many slot machines as possible.
  • Shotgun strategy involves taking shot at the whole row of casino slots without doing serious harm to your financial state. This tactic gives an opportunity to hit a number of slot machines and try various slot games.
  • Ladder strategy looks like up the steps tactics but you will instantly go up or down and not repeat any patterns.


The variety of available wagering strategies is really impressing. They may depend on the expectations of players, their bankroll, requirements and other crucial issues. The main strategy is to gamble reliably and assign certain value for every slot machine session. By doing it you will protect you finances that may be easily voided from your wallet if spent without accurate planning.