Australian Slots Popularity - Pokies Game fo Ozzies

Over the years, slot machines have become incredibly popular games all over the world. Slots contribute to more than 75% of casino revenue in many countries. In Australia, playing electronic and online gaming machines is among the most popular activities that people undertake during their leisure time. As such, slots have attracted many fans. In Australia, slot gaming machines are otherwise known as ‘pokies’ or ‘poker machines’. Gambling with these machines is a bit difficult but the slots are highly attractive to players thanks to their high payout percentage levels.

Pokies – Australian Slot Machines

Australian slots are very popular among online casino gamblers. In addition, you can still find such slot machines in the land based casinos, clubs and pubs. As a gambler, finding slots in Australia is never a difficult affair. In fact, compared to other countries, Australia has the highest density of poker machines. What makes slots even more popular in Australia is the fact that government/ state regulation is not very strict on slots like in US, for example. In 1956, New South Wales became the first state in Australia to legalize gambling. In Queensland State, gambling houses are required to maintain a payback rate of 90 percent and clubs and pubs must payback 85 percent. In Western Australia, there are other forms of slot gaming machines that can be played in the Burswood casino but these gaming machines cannot be used at any other place.

Australians have an undivided passion for pokies or slots. In the whole of Asia Pacific region, Australia is now rated as the largest market for slot gaming with slots extremely out numbering the table games at a ratio of 6:1. The country has more than 200, 000 machines. Based on the estimated population of 21 million people in Australia, this means that one slot machine per every 105 Australians. According to a recent survey taken in Australia, of all the gamblers, 40 percent opt to play slot games and poker machines as their most preferred gaming method. Over the past few years, slots have enjoyed great popularity in Australians entertainment and leisure markets. Unlike in other countries where you can find poker machines only in casinos, Australia has gaming machines in restaurants, hotels and bars across the entire country. Members of the country can easily access these games which explain why their popularity is not likely to die anytime soon.

In the recent years, there has been a significant increase on amount of money gamblers spend on slots in Australia. Significant growth of slot machine market has been noted this year particularly in Queensland. Despite the recent economic recession taking a great toll on people’s economic welfare, spending on slots has been high at all times. Advancement in the gambling industry has also impacted positively on slots in the country as well. For instance, to prevent gambling problems that could result from the great popularity of online slots and slot machines, slots are now equipped with a Player Information Display system where the gambler is updated on their spending and duration of playing.