Chinese Theme of Online Slots

The Chinese theme of online slots gives you an opportunity of taking a memorable trip to Chinatown where you can experience the Chinese culture through sounds and sight. Most video slots have made significant improvements on their animated graphics which allows them to take full advantage of Chinese culture whether it is by visiting Ancient China or modern China. With the Chinese theme, you will find and experience everything ranging from downright kitschy to the mystical happenings of Chinatown. Get ready to encounter chopsticks, the killer karate kicks, fortune cookies, dynasties, dragons and others Chinese features. You shouldn’t be surprised when you see Chinese themed games in online gambling UK – it’s all for variety after all.

The Chinese theme of online slots allows you to boil, fight, meditate or chop in China style as you search for jackpots and bonuses in the slot games. Among Chinese slots you will find 5 Reel slot games and most of them will also feature bonus games as well. You will be able to enjoy free spins while some still take a mini bonus slot game which is completely outshined by the Chinese theme with graphics and great sounds. The cherry Blossoms slots for example is a Chinese themed online sot where the player gets to look for cherry blossoms, hand bells, lamps, folded fans and Geishas. Ideally, this slot game requires the players to look for Geisha symbol and cherry blossoms.

The Most Popular of the Games

Another very beautiful Chinese themed online slot is Dynasty slots. This game transports the players to ancient China when emperors used to rule the country and get to experience their unimaginable wealth. To be more precise, the Dynasty slot game is based on the Great Ming Dynasty theme which ruled China for hundreds of years. The Karaoke cash slot is yet another Chinese themed slot game that you can’t afford to miss. If the numerous musical high paying themes are not enough to make you start singing, you will definitely not be able to resist the bonus symbol. The slot machine also comes with three unique symbols that will definitely move you to a big game.

Sumo slots game is based on Chinese theme which makes the game quite striking. It also features a perfect game theme which transports the player to the ancient feudal times when the Sumo wrestlers used to be involved in great battles for honor. The Mahjong Madness Slots is a Chinese themed game which is very attractive to most women. In fact, women playing this slot are known to have a very keen eye for oriental flair. The slot game features great symbols such as orchids, dragons, springs, circles and bamboos.

The orient express slot is a Chinese themed online slot game which is very popular thanks to its great graphics which the game uses as its symbols like the oriental girl, tigers, red dragons and the oriental ship. The Eastern Dragon slot game is a perfect choice for the fans of Chinese New Year. It comes with amazingly great lucky symbols that are displayed on its pay reels. Other slot games with Chinese themes to look out for are such as the China Mega Wild Slots, naughty ninjas slots and others.