Understanding Free Spins and Bonus Rounds at Slots

Many video slot machines today feature a free spin or bonus round and sometimes a combination of them. Both free spins and bonus rounds at slots are offered by casinos as a form of promotion. The casinos hope to entice players with these promotions to continue playing. For both the casino and the player, the free spins and bonus rounds are a winning opportunity as the players are offered an awesome opportunity of winning free money at the courtesy of casino. With free spins, the casino is also able to have a new player register with them which comes with the potential of benefiting from the long term gaming relationship with the customer.

The free spin slots normally come in two categories comprising of free spins that can’t be re-triggered and the re-triggerable free spins. Slots that offer players free spins boost their chances of winning. Generally, free spin games come with a multiplier and will usually range from the player doubling his wins on free spins to even tripling them. There are specific slot scatter symbols on base game that trigger these free spins. The scatters will at times trigger free spins on specific reels or pay lines and at other times, this will happen randomly. However, even as you take advantage of the free slots, always remember to check the paytable carefully and get to know rules applicable to them. You can play free spins in slot games such as the Pink Panther developed by Playtech and Gladiator. In addition, the famous marvel progressive jackpot slots also feature free spins as well.

Bonus Round Feature – Why Is It Good?

The bonus round feature in slot machines enables players to accumulate their free spins and extra credit. When a gambler hits a bonus round, there are so many hubbubs involved as special animals, sound effects and music play. The player is then taken to an all new setting and are given a chance of playing another game related to the slot’s theme but different from their first round. However, bonus rounds are not offered by all slot machines. In fact, the bonus round comes as an additional future included on the 5 reel, 7 reel slots. Most of the bonus rounds are actually found on five reel machines.

Every bonus round earned is actually different and it is essential to know specifically what the rounds include, the best way to play it and whether a doubling up option is offered or not. By playing the bonus round, the player can either double up credits won in the first round but they can also be lost. This goes back to the fact that slot games are purely based on chance. It is advisable to play your bonus round only if you feel lucky and somehow sure that you will win.

Free spins and bonus rounds are a good way of maximizing your winnings when playing your favorite slot game and you should take it upon yourself to make the most out of them.