Marvel Themed Online Slots

With so many slots available to choose from, most players prefer playing games that have characters they know about and love. This is why some players won’t hesitate to select marvel themed online slots as they see this as perhaps the only way they can enjoy what they are doing and perhaps make a win. Marvel online slots give players a chance of playing alongside their favorite characters from comics and films. These characters are an ideal choice for slot games and if you are looking for big screen entertainment, you should consider making marvel slots your first option. Whether you love the Fantastic Four or the Hulk, you will always find an awesome slot game on the internet waiting for you.

Superhero Slots for Superplayers

The latest marvel themed online marvel themed slot is Thor the Might Avenger Slot. Playtech developed this slot in December 2012 and released it to all the casinos operating on their software. Thor slot is based on Thor the Mighty Avenger movie released in 2011. The first impressions you get after playing this slot confirms to you that is the most superior marvel slot in all ways. The other marvel themed online slot is the Fantastic Four Slot which is basically a 20-line and 5 reel video- slot. Most marvel slot enthusiasts confirm that The Fantastic Four comes with the most authentic features. The slot has a max spin of $400 per spin and high rollers definitely have a lot to enjoy.

X-Men Slot Machines

The XMen slot has also been rated among the greatest marvel themed online slots of all times. The 5 reel, 25 line slot game comes with extra features like the Wild symbol, the Scatter symbol, Extra Wild Symbbols, Free Games and the X- Feature as well as the Multi- Level Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot. Generally, XMen is an inspiration of the superhero legendary team featured in Marvel Comics Universe. XMen slot game makes use of X-men characters as the reel symbols. The heroes in the game are represented by Wolverine, Professor X, Cyclops, Storm and Nightcrawler. Also, the eternal opposition that exists between Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the X-Men is also presented in the game just like Mystique, Magneto, Juggernaut and Sabretooth are present on reels.

The Incredible Hulk Slot is created by Playtech based on the popular theme of Marvel Comic Heroes. This incredible slot game features a 25 line as well as a 50 line game version even though both of these versions are identical apart from the difference in number of lines. Blade is another Marvel online slot and it is a 5 reel, 29 line slot game with so many features like Blade Split Symbol. The blade has lots of features like Scatter bonus, the Split feature, the Wild bonus and the Extra Wild symbol among others. The Ironman Marvel Slot is developed by Playtech and it is a superb marvel game. Other marvel themed online slots like the Daredevil Slot are also great slot games that you should consider playing as well.