Slots Brain: Random Number Generator

Pure Luck or Wonder of Engineering?

Random number generator is a crucial component of every land-based and virtual slot machine. It generates random numbers at a very high pace identifying the outcome that appears on the slot machine reels.
Every reasonable gamer strives to make his or her benefit from playing slots and reach colossal pleasure. Therefore in order to make the desired success closer it is necessary to understand how exactly random number generator functions and what influence does it bring.
RNG is a digital chip that selects numbers in a random order (from zero to a billion). Using special formula it divides numbers and comes up with the end result on the slot reels. As soon as gambler presses the starting button, this device issues certain result. In the meanwhile slot machine reels are spinning and render the impression that the competition has yet to be defined. Light, lever, flash lights, music is made for the sake of the show. Sounds not very romantic, but it is true. Only sheer luck and the technical performance of the RNG define whether you will be a winner or not.

RNG Myths

RNG myths

Experienced punter will never pay heed to ungrounded misleading arguments but a new comer may likely begin to doubt whether the rumors are true or false. Those doubts should necessarily be casted away otherwise you may get in troubles.
Myth â„– 1: RNG is a computer microprocessor which runs through a particular cycle and will tend to repeat a certain pattern.

The truth is: The outcome of the slot game entirely relies on mere chance and does not have any numbers sequence or something of the kind. RNG do runs a certain cycle but it is absolutely impossible to catch it because it needs more than hundred years of continuous gaming.
Myth â„– 2: There are mathematical strategies that help to beat RNG and a slot machine.
The truth is: Winning strategy really exists but it is not connected with mathematics. It depends on your experience and understanding of basic operational principles, slot rules and other essential tips.

Did you know that?

  • RNG never stops working?
  • RNG generates different number every millisecond?
  • Any legal attempt to do something with the slot machine will not affect the RNG or the outcome on the reels?


When speaking about legality aspects, it is crucially important to note that before putting it into use RNG in every slot machine is accurately tested and licensed. Approved chips may be brought into production. Moreover, there are special inspectors who regularly check slot machines for compliance.