Rare Online 9-Reel Slots

An online 9 reel slot looks very similar to a 3 reel slot. There are three horizontal and three vertical lines of symbols displayed on the screen. When you look at the screen, it shows 9 symbols, which are displayed in the same manner as those on a 3 reel slot. The major difference between the two types is that in 3 reel slots the 3 vertical reels spin independently from each other. In 9 reel slots, all 9 symbols spin independently from each other. This gives completely different odds to obtaining a winning line from a traditional 3 reel slot. Try this out at Casinointeraction and make sure you use your sportsinteraction casino bonus.

Winning Lines

Winning lines are available horizontally, vertically or on either of the diagonal lines, top left to bottom right and top right to bottom left. The player may choose between playing horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines or any combination these possibilities. The player must select which mode of play that they wish to bet on by pressing the appropriate line buttons. 

The “Single Line” button will give the player the choice of either horizontal or vertical lines. There is also an option, on the single line button, which allows the player to choose both horizontal and vertical lines. The other button is simply called “All Lines”. This, when selected allows the player to play all variations at the same time.


The software for 9-reel slots is available as a free download. It is fully compatible with all Windows operating systems. Once the download has been completed the player is ready to begin playing. With the download version, it is not possible to play for real money. A player should use this version as a practice version. The player should familiarize themselves with how the game is played before beginning to play for real money and not just points.

Real Money Games

When a player is sufficiently confident that he or she understands how the game is played, they can then join a real money or cash game. To enable a player to play points games, you are normally asked to sign in as a guest player. Once the player has decided to play for real money, then it is time to change the status of your account and upgrade it to a money account. Once this is done the player then has access to progressive jackpot slot games. 9 reel slots are linked to progressive jackpot slots from all other slots games. This gives the player the opportunity to play for astronomic cumulative jackpots.