Slot Guide: The Art and Science of Slots

The World of Slot Machines

Slot machine is a gaming device which is activated with the help of the lever or button after you have inserted a coin or a token.
Nowadays gamblers can have fun with a big range of slot machines available in land and virtual gaming establishments. Every single casino does its best to use up-to-date novelties in order to update existing slot devices and draw more attention to certain games. And it is no surprise due to the competitive nature of betting business.
In the modern slots variety one can choose the most appropriate and suitable game and machine:

  • online/land based slot machines (virtual reality and live slots in real “brick and mortar” casinos,
  • flat rate slots (the multiplier, the bonus multiplier, multiple payline slot, buy-a-pay slot),
  • video slots (with a range of attractive and colorful images on the slot machine reels) and
  • progressive slots (the jackpot is growing with every coin inserted; when the winning combination finally hits, the amount resets back and builds up again in the same way).
Quantity of Rows

Quantity of Rows

As it is written in every slot guide, gaming machines may have a range of horizontal and vertical rows. Thus it is necessary to check the type of slots game, its rules and peculiarities before proceeding to play. There can be 1 or much more rows. Depending on the type of the machine you will be able to find additional lines above and below the main winning row.
Note: Some gambling houses are trying so hard to show up and beat the existing and thus they offer slot machines that contain up to 100 rows or even more!

Slot Machine Reels

There is a range of types of reels in the world of slot machines. As rule slot guide tells us about machines that have either 3, 5 or 7 reels. The reels are the vertical drums that spin when being activated with the help of the special handler or button. Originally, first slot machines contained only 3 mechanical reels. Nowadays 3-reel slot machines are considered as a classic variant.
5-reel slot games are now extremely popular among great number of players from different countries due to greater number of pay lines and winning combinations as well as additional bonuses and free spins.
Other typical class of gambling machines contains 7 reels. It must be noted that betting casinos are inventing even more sophisticated forma of game rules with much more reels and winning opportunities.

Slots Pay lines

Also slot machines can have various number of pay lines. These are the lines which should match and come up to winning junctions.
Pay lines can be really different: straight and zigzagged, horizontal and vertical and other types depending on the certain slot machine. Typically slot machines contain only 1 pay line the middle line of the 3 reels. Other variations of slots may have 3 or 5 pay lines.
In order to cope with growing competition on the gambling market betting houses offer even more winning paylines. Their number may vary according to the class of the machine used.
Note: According to the slot guide, a gambler has a right to choose whether to play all of a slot machine’s pay lines or just activate few of them. It’s only up to you to make a right decision.