Avoiding Common Slot Myths

Players Psychology

It is clear as daylight that the sacred dream of every gambler is to enter the betting house, occupy the first available slot machine and hit the life-changing big roll. But let us face the truth and be honest: we are being captured, intrigued and lured; but what it takes to become a real punter and gamble reasonably and reliably? This is a very good question.
It is evident that one should avoid the mistakes of unlucky players who took no efforts to learn the simplest basics of the slot games but rushed to unfamiliar game guided by own impulses and suppositions. In order to skip the traps spread by callow players one should be acquainted with the most casual misleading points of view.

Stay Rational!


Below you will come across the most common misbeliefs which are popular in the gambling industry about how to beat the slots and become the victor. Please be wise while gambling at slots in order to be tangled by incorrect superstitions.
Superstition â„–1 - The machine which is just hit the jackpot will not produce it for a long period of time as per the cycle of a computer chips within the random number generator.
In Reality - Random number generator controls the winning numbers which are selected randomly with the help of special algorithm. Thus the opportunity to hit two jackpots in a row exists but the chances are quite small due to the fact that RNG generates billions of numbers at extremely high speed.
Superstition â„–2 - Before playing one should touch the machine: if it is cold, a player should insert cold tokens or coins and vice versa if it is warm - warm coins and tokens are required.
In Reality - The temperature of the slot machine will not affect the outcome of the game as well as the temperature of the coins and tokens that are being inserted in it.
Superstition â„–3 - The machine that have not produced jackpots for a very long time has better chances for jackpot and slots payout than other ones.
In Reality - This is a complete nonsense as everything depends on the probability factor, luck and randomness.
Superstition â„–4 - Gambling establishment authorities manipulate with slot machines. They seize the opportunity to control wins and losses.
In Reality - And once again it is impossible because even the producer of the RNG cannot estimate or predict the numbers that will come up on the reels. Moreover slot machines are carefully tested before getting accepted in production.
Superstition â„–5 - It is better to bribe a casino employee for the sake of the best slot machines.
In Reality - Actually this type of interaction with casino stuff is considered illegal and you can be banned from a casino for such a trick.
We hope that the above presented information will be enough to keep you from being caught on the hook and believe in the opinions which are false in reality. Always stay cold-minded and the Lady Luck will be on your side!