The Psychology of casino gambling - Yes there is one!!

Gambling is adults play world; their outlet to have fun and make some money at it too. And it’s not only the aspect of pleasure and money making that attracts people to gamble, but a lot of other psychological factors are involved which makes gambling an attractive and extremely popular past time for millions of people around the world. People started to enjoy gambling games many centuries ago and now they can do that any time they want, and due to the accessibility of online casinos the money prizes become even closer to them. So here in this article, we delineate some interesting psychological aspects which are at play when you are playing your favorite game at your beloved casino.

  • Adult play grounds: Ever felt a homely feeling when you enter an online casino? Ever felt an exciting sense of possibility and a feeling that you will be happy as long as you are in your favorite casino? The answer most probably would be yes. Most of the casinos chains hire architects and psychologists to identify the factors which attract people the most and then use those findings to design casinos which not only make people feel comfortable spending their money but also carry signals and cues to constantly remind people to have fun.
  • Conditioned to play: Pleasure at gaining financial rewards, getting rewards after specific intervals, reinforcement of pleasure and repeated acts all come into play while gambling and all these concepts have their roots in the psychological works of Ivan Pavlol. Thus, human beings, in some absurd ways, are conditioned to gambling and are born with some of the gambling tendencies.
  • Personality types and preferred games:People prefer to play those games that match their personality types.Most of the casinos, thus, are very careful to serve a wide array of games catering to all kinds of personalities. Mostly extroverts and loud people like playing craps or blackjack. Introverts and scientific minds usually go for video poker. High value and risk takers usually go for slot games. Thus, personality types play an extremely important part in determining your inclination towards a particular game.

So, the next time you think that you are heading over to your favorite casino just for the heck of it, hold your horses and think about the why’s and the peculiarities of your decision. But while you are at it, don’t forget to have fun! Review the best casinos from our expert panel