Popular Movie Themed Slot Machines

Branded slot machines have of late become quite trendy as players in the world of gambling seem to be becoming bored with the traditional slot games. Thankfully, developers of gambling machines have realized that familiar themes can make awesome replacements. The movie themed slot machines are based on a large selection of both old and new files and have become among the most popular branded slot machines.


One of the all time popular movie themed slot machine made by Bally Technologies is the Grease. This land based slot machine is adapted from the popular musical film that stars Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. This machine offers only real money game and will just cost you a penny in order to play with the top most awards being 40 million credits. The slot machine is basically a 5 reel, 25 line slot game and comes with maximum wagering amount of 300 credits. It also includes multiple bonuses and bally website has listed the game to have a 54.48 percent hit frequency in overall. Only two games can be played with the Grease at once and the machine features original scenes and music from the movie.

Star Wars

The next popular movie based slot machine is the Star Wars Trilogy and the video slot has 3 base games which correspond to three original movies which are Return of the Jedi, The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars. To activate a game in this slot machine, players must place a minimum wage amount of 30 credits and the three gaming options will thus cost you a total of 90 credits per every spin. During game play, you see numerous bonuses including Rapid Reload feature and Ewok Adventure Bonus.

Indiana Jones

Another very popular movie based slot machine is Indiana Jones and folks at IGT provide players with three different games based on Indiana Jones to select from. Even though none of the game is named after feature films, the games do include some familiar names sourced from the series like Well of Souls and Cross of Coronado. In Indiana Jones, the Cross of Coronado slot machine is basically a multilevel progressive and has 5 reels, 25 pay lines with the original version featuring stacked wilds and shared bonus make it possible for multiple players in the game to compete for free spins and progressive levels.

The Dark Knight

The last movie themed slot machine is The Dark Knight from IGT. This slot machine has been a great fascination to players since the day The Dark Knight movie was released in 2008 in theatres. With this slot machine, multiple players can play at the same time while interested observers watch as the action unfolds on the 103 inch game’s video display at the top of the machine. Battling for the Gotham community bonus is regarded as the biggest and most eventful game in this slot machine.

While the movie industry is raking in billions each year, land based and online casinos on the other have made sure that they are a part of this success thanks to these highly popular movie themed slot machines.