Casino Slot Machine Payout Percentage

To Make It Clear

It is our human nature to hope for the best and build castles in the air hoping for the best gambling outcomes. But it is time to get back down to Earth and to capture the truth.
Slots payout is a total amount that will be returned to a slot gamer in the long run. These numbers are programmed into the slot machine computer chip by manufacturers with accordance of the requirements set by the casino that will use that machine. Slots payout rate may range from 75 to 99 %.

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It is necessary to be aware of the fact that slot machine mechanism is basically programmed to pay back around 82% - 98% of the cash wagered by gamblers. This is rate is called the "theoretical payout Rate" and/or "return to gamer".
Minimal amount of the theoretical payout rate may be different and depends on particular gambling jurisdiction of the region and is usually fixed by law. For instance, the minimum payback rate amounts to 75% (in Nevada) and 78% (in New Jersey).
The return rate is only a one critical part of the gambling slot machines structure. Another interesting component is the probabilities of every single payout in the pay table. Most slot players are guided by attractive promises of 99% or even 100% slots payout percentage. But it is necessary to stick to bankroll management when playing at slot machines and accurately plan your expenses. Do not swallow the hook of large jackpots unless you carefully weight all the pros and cons.

Why the Game is Very Popular in Casinos?

Yes, it is true about the simplicity of slot rules that require no sophisticated skills and the excitement provided by incredible graphics of the modern slots but there are much more secrets that make this game popular among gamblers and casinos. The latter enjoy the high profitability level. Just imagine: almost 70% of the total casino income are brought by one-armed bandits! As the game is based simply on sheer luck, the likeliness to hit the desired winning symbols is not very high.
Different slot machines have various maximum and minimum payout rates, but without understanding the odds of getting the “big one”, it is really impossible to make a difference. Thus you should always look at pay tables that state the slots payout amounts for various combinations of symbols. But do not remember that the only winner in the long run is the casino.