A Range of Available Slot Machine Bonuses

Introductory Note

Some casinos promote and reinforce slots with additional bonus games and/or other extra bonus features. Such gaming devices are recognized as bonus slot machines. As a rule bonuses may be reached when playing at video slots and online slot machines.  Bonus games and other beneficial features may be found on different types of slot machines including straight and progressive slots with different number of reels and pay lines. On the other hand, players are glad to seize the opportunity and use additional odds to win the desired prizes.

Bonus Features Review

Read a quick description of every bonus feature and enjoy the offered extras available in chosen gambling establishment. It is essential to note that peculiarities of the slot machine bonus are sometimes different and, in fact, they may be really different.

Bonus slot game feature

A bonus slot game feature is an additional option of any kind to the standard spinning function of slots adventure. For instance, it may take place when the reels suddenly stopped giving you an opportunity to open up few symbols and discover their value.

Free spins

This is an opportunity to try your fortune and make a spin of the wheel for free. Using such extra credits is absolutely risk-free and helps to increase your chances of “winning the big one”.

Welcoming extras

These bonuses are intended to attract new players and punters who are willing to switch to another gambling game. This marketing strategy is very popular among online casinos in their competition for firm customers. One should not miss the opportunity to play free slots especially if there is an opportunity to win some monetary rewards.

Loyalty programs for regular visitors

This is another type of slot bonus that can be reached by those who stick to gambling website for a certain period of time.

Progressive jackpot slot machines

A progressive slot is a network of joined slot machines that allow winning an impressive monetary prize. The jackpot grows with every bet at a very high speed. The chance to hit is not very big but if you want to test your chances the Lady Luck may be on your side.
There are a lot of other bonus offers and features that vary from one betting house to another. But it is worth to give it a try and experience more adrenalin using a free spin or discovering the value of certain symbols.