Some Fun Slots Terminology

When getting ready to dive into the fun world of slots, it is always a good idea to become familiar with some of the important terms related to the game. Here are a few to get started!

Bonus: On certain games, depending on the particular game theme, certain symbols have the power to act as ‘bonuses’ when they fall in a particular combination. These bonuses can come with a range of rewards such as free spins or increasing the game’s winnings by a particular multiplier. Other bonus rounds may have the player select several items from the screen, which then reveal particular credits to be awarded. Many games make use of more than one kind of bonus.

Candle: This refers to the light on the top of the slot machine that lets operators know if the machine is having mechanical problems, needs more change, or a hand pay has been requested.

Carousel: When the slot machines are positioned in a particular formation, typically either an oval or a circle.

Coin Hopper: This container holds the coins that are used for payouts. The hopper itself is a tool that rotates the coins in the coin tray when the ‘Cash Out’ button is pressed by the gamer. When a predetermined coin capacity is reached, excess coins will be automatically dropped into a drop box.

Credit Meter: This lets the player know how many credits or how much money is being played on the particular machine. It is often displayed with a LED display and the font is determined by the graphics and theme of the particular game in question.

Fun of the Fair Slots

Fun of the Fair Slots offers players the chance to win the 10,000 pound grand prize through a variety of fair-inspired games such as shooting rubber ducks or cheering at the Derby. Players can choose how many lines they want to play, and more lines of play mean the more chances to win. They can also select how much they want to bet on each line, from just a couple of pence to several pounds. Auto Spin makes playing even easier, as the gamer does not have to hit the spin button with each round, but can have everything happen automatically.

Various special symbols are used to make the game even more exciting. Scatter symbols throughout the game allow players to increase their possible winnings by 5x (for three symbols in a row), 25x (for four in a row), or even 200x (for five in a row). Three bonus symbols mean that the player will be able to play in one of three bonus games. The Duck Shoot Bonus round involves shooting tin ducks for cash prizes. The player in the Punch Ball Bonus game will give the punch ball a strong whack to win some extra cash. The Derby Rolls Bonus involves racing a derby horse by rolling balls into holes.